You Don’t Know Guac

In the past six months I have begun a process of reintroducing animal protein into my diet. No matter how clean I was eating, no matter how many juices or smoothies, there would always be this lingering feeling of tiredness, coupled with training, I could no longer ignore the fact that unfortunately my plant-based diet wasn’t doing me any favours. I’m exploring how sticking to a mostly paleo diet will benefit not only my training but my well-being. The other day I got home and wanted a potato salad but of course most potato salads are laden with mayonnaise, swimming in the stuff and I hate that. I want to see if I could make a dressing that would deliver on taste and perhaps even add nutrient value to my salad.

Introducing my guac dressing!


I love avocados, how I fell in love with a man who doesn’t, I will never understand. This dressing is simple, takes less than 10 minutes to make and if you’re partial to avos, is also super yummy! Here’s what you’ll need:
– 1 large avo, flesh scooped out
– The juice of 1 lemon
– ½ teaspoon of garlic
– A glug of olive oil (or any oil that you prefer the taste of)
– Salt and pepper to taste
Place all your ingredients except for the oil in your blender and add a tablespoon or two of water to get the churning started. With the motor still running, start pouring in your olive oil for a smoother consistency as well as more of a dressing as opposed to dip texture. Once you’ve got a consistency you’re happy with stop and place the whole thing in a jar.
This keeps for a week refrigerated and in my experience works best with fish and seafood. In my salad, I will confess to it being horrible, although that may have also been due to not cooking the potatoes properly and encountering ridiculous chunk of raw potato. Not at all appetising.
This will be my go to until it runs out and then I’ll move on to something new. Do you have a favourite salad dressing recipe or are you a shop bought kinda gal/guy?

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