The fear 

Five months ago, on a day that should be declared an international holiday (my birthday,) I lost focus for a split second at a first attempt of a push jerk at 60kg and as I dropped the bar, I did some kind of a weird backward bend that clicked something in my back. I was… Continue reading The fear 

Integrity: doing what you say you’ll do 

This morning (and every morning for the past two months,) I have made it a daily habit to listen to podcasts that start my day off with either laughter, (Russell Brand on Radio X) or aligns my focus so that I can get the maximum benefit from tasks that I get to complete. I’ll be… Continue reading Integrity: doing what you say you’ll do 

Baby got back (issues)

I'm every woman...just ask my friends about my mood swings 😂 My favorite woman to be is the one that gives a damn about her health spiritually, mentally and physically. The one that tempers discipline with kindness and isn't obsessing over what she's had for dinner...even if it was four (okay five,) doughnuts 🙈 My… Continue reading Baby got back (issues)

Keep that core tight! 

A couple of days ago I was crying to God because I'm currently nursing a back injury which means that for the past two weeks, I've been unable to lift heavy. It is absolute torture!!! Going to the box, watching people throw their bars while I'm there stretching my lumbar spine 😴 and then the… Continue reading Keep that core tight! 

Right handed

I remember the day I started wearing the black band on my wrist...okay maybe I don't remember the exact date BUT I do know that it was a couple of days before my 27th birthday (loved that day!!!) I was on 'fuel for fire's' Instagram page where they wrote about the white rubber band that… Continue reading Right handed

Post-Open Reflection 

Two weeks have passed, the Open is over and training has gone back to its usual schedule. I've read a few posts on post-Open reflection, so here's mine: I hated the Open 😂 This year, a recurring injury flaring up, partly...if not solely because of my inconsistency in keeping up with my strengthening exercises and… Continue reading Post-Open Reflection 


17.1 is done and least for me it is. Don't believe me? I've already submitted my score, but before you go search for my name, let's finish  this fantastic blogpost okay! Confession, I was not going to do the Open. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love CrossFit. I mean why else would I… Continue reading 17.1


I love the word goals. Last night as I watched Beyoncé's Grammy performance, I thought #pregnancygoals. Her dance moves...#goals, her body pre-pregnancy, you guessed it...#goals! A couple of weeks ago at the box, I was admiring Andreia's butt! If you have been lucky enough to see her butt then you'll understand why; #buttgoals. A few moments later I… Continue reading #Goals

C is for community

community noun a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. One of the great things about CrossFit is the relationships that you make. Now I have to confess, I used to be one of those solo… Continue reading C is for community

Oops I Did it Again…

I have been a really bad blogger. I almost punched myself in the face (don't worry, I didn't, I like my face too much haha, not in a vain way though, in a normal 'hey girl hey you're kinda cute' way) when I realised that I haven't blogged since April!!! It really has just been an… Continue reading Oops I Did it Again…