#Bestnine 2018

Hard to escape this hash-tag isn’t it? It’s the last day of 2018, I cannot even begin to tell y’all how relieved I am that this year is over. There were beautiful moments, like falling in love which has been the most incredible thing to have happened to me. This year was one where for my family, it was about learning how to carry on after the passing of my sister. I’ve often heard people say that grief isn’t linear. On some days you feel like you’ve accepted the fact that the loved one you lost is no longer there and on other days the pain is stronger than you could have ever imagined.

2018 has taught me the importance of learning how to grow regardless of what you’re going through. Sadness and joy can co-exist but each day it is up to me to decide what the script of the day is. It’s been a HARD year, my emotions have been anything but stable but thanks to my family, friends and an amazing boyfriend, I made it almost unscathed. Next year’s motto is to keep going. Keep striving for progress, keep trying to be a better daughter, sister, aunt and girlfriend (probably my favourite role.)

I can’t wait for what next year will bring. It will be amazing, I’m declaring that over myself and my loved ones. I’m excited about the opportunities for growth and a continued journey of love around the sun with the love of my life, Jesus. This year has been the most testing in terms of my walk with Him, I’ve slacked and doubted but somehow in the midst of it all, I’ve felt His constant presence.

2019, ready for it!!!

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