Let Me See You Do That Yoga

There’s a love-hate relationship that exists between yoga and I. For one, I am not an ‘OM’ chanting kind of girl. I like to throw things, pound the ground and go, go, go! So teaching my mind to be still, inhale and exhale through poses, has been very difficult. I would go through phases where I’d stick to doing yoga 3 times a week and then should I stumble into a pose that my thunder thighs won’t let me slip into easily, I would come to the resolution that maybe I was clearly made for just running and CrossFit.

The past few weeks, there has been a shift in my mind. In my pursuit to become a competitive CrossFitter and a more well rounded athlete, I’ve rediscovered my love for yoga. My favourite pose to date is the pigeon pose and the dragon pose, these two for me have been amazing stretch for my inner thighs and hips, which take such a beating during lifts in CrossFit.  It also helps in maximising your flexibility and your stretching ability. Additionally it also gets rid of any tension that you may be carrying in your hips or legs.

I’m taking it slowly this time and documenting the process to have that tangible proof that I am improving. After a few sessions this week, the key difference I have noticed in myself is that I feel at peace. As soon as I’m done, it is as though that concentration just carries itself into all other areas of my life. So what about you guys? Any yogis out there with tips for me?

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